Forever Students

Martial arts instructors in Rapid City are not hard to find, and they represent many different styles. It’s important that you find an instructor that fits your personality, goals, commitment level and lifestyle. At Lim Kenpo our instructors are held to the highest standards of character, integrity and conduct. They are skilled, caring, adaptive, and teach in a traditional environment with a progressive approach, molding the material to the needs of each student.

Professor Coree McCabe

Professor McCabe is the founder and chief instructor of Lim Kenpo South Dakota

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head instructor

Head Instructor Kyle McCabe

Head Instructor McCabe teaches classes and handles the business side of LKSD.

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kenpo instructor jose velazquez

Jose Velazquez

Instructor Velazquez earned his black belt in 2018.

kenpo instructor rhae velazquez

Rhae Velazquez

Instructor Velazquez earned her black belt in 2018.